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Heide Abelli


Heide Abelli is an accomplished executive with extensive general management experience. With decades of experience, she is a seasoned veteran of product development and product management in the field of educational technology. Heide has authored and developed hundreds of state-of-the-art online courses using innovative instructional methodologies for corporate training purposes. She has also authored and developed award-winning corporate and educational technology training solutions including sophisticated computer simulations, corporate training white papers and educational case study materials for corporate and MBA training purposes. She is globally recognized as a subject matter expert in the areas of leadership, management, general business skills, the unique skills required for success in the digital economy and effective corporate training practices. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes and has been featured as an author and subject matter expert in dozens of business publications around the world including Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Business Insider and CEO Today. Heide regularly speaks at industry conferences and is invited as a subject matter expert for webcasts and podcasts in leadership, the future of learning and in-demand skills job skills. Heide has an MBA with honors from Harvard Business School and is a teaching faculty member of the Boston College Carroll School of Management. Finally, Heide is a National Diversity Council 2019 Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech award recipient.